“As we are earthbound and governed by the day-to-day needs, sometimes it is hard to tap in and meditate easily.

As a teacher of meditation, I have found the technique Michelle teaches in this book to be a very useful and easy way of achieving a higher level of meditation”.



“So the ultimate question is: Does it work? The results certainly confirm that it does and I confidently support this process”.



“The single most important thing is that it helped me create a new job. A role that I was excited about doing. I wanted to build a new business”.

“I had a real goal.  We wanted to, and needed to, raise somewhere between $20 and $25 million dollars”.

“I think at the time it was really just a matter of forgetting the negatives and start visualizing money flowing in the door. Feeling and seeing the cheques coming in.  Three days later we were in a position that we raised nearly 24.5 million dollars. It was a testament to the Meditation technique and also a great relief”.


“There isn’t a day I don’t use the technique. It is my mantra, I live by it and I encourage everybody to give it a try. It works”!

“I remember clearly that I was in a very dark place in my life, struggling with work.  I went to Michelle and she knew immediately that there was something going on.  When I told her she said “I can help you with that”. She knew a Technique that would teach me a way of dealing with all these things in my life.  It was like an epiphany, things changed immediately at work and I knew then that the technique was for me”.

“I had blockages and I wasn’t quite trusting the technique  or trusting myself, but as soon as Michelle taught me to, it changed my life, changed my work life, it changed lots of things”.



“Coming from a background of a serious skeptic, I have always been interested, I guess, been intrigued by Michelle’s gift”.

“I was looking to do something different, I wasn’t certain and I wasn’t sure what it was. I saw an ad in the paper and it was a Head-Hunter that I actually knew and the job really intrigued me”.

“Fortunately, it got to the stage where I had to front up to what they call a panel interview.  I have to say the night before I was nervous and I think I woke up about 3.00 am in the morning.  I was thinking about what I was going to say and how it would go and it occurred to me that I should try the technique. I recall thinking at the time, you know, I would really like to just ‘blow them away’”.

“So the interview came, I fronted up, it was long, it was tough, it was interesting and I thought it went alright.  The Head-Hunter followed me out of the interview and he said “that went well and I’ll talk to you tomorrow”. So I sweated out another night and another morning. He then rang me and he said ‘it is looking good Ben, that was a terrific interview;  you know – you blew them away’. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Replaying those very words back to me was so powerful and it suggested to me very clearly that the technique was manifesting itself in absolutely the way Michelle promised me that it would”.



“It is a great technique to use even in the most difficult times because it forces you stop and think through your inner-self”.



“I find that the technique grounds me and allows me to see things in my life more clearly. It is part of my life, I do it morning and night and it is a wonderful process”.

“When I needed money, the technique helped me to manifest exactly what I wanted and needed. It helped me to think clearly, it has helped me with my relationship with my mother. It also helped me to become a better person”.



“I have been practising meditation for many years and I am quite familiar with other processes. I found the Golden Box Meditation easy to do because of its simplicity. I have applied the Technique to many areas of my life and have been amazed at the results.”

“If you are feeling stressed, it is a marvellous de-stresser. You can manifest anything for your higher good or physical manifestations; it is a key to unlock the good things in your life that everybody deserves”.