My earliest memory of meditating took place around the age of five. I had an innate knowing that angels, loved ones, guides and passed-over people existed. It was a natural acceptance. Recalling the past and predicting the future happened automatically, as did ‘tuning in’ to people’s thoughts and feelings.Michelle M. Wright

At the age of twenty-two, I undertook development classes with a metaphysical teacher who helped me understand that I was a natural spiritual medium. Continuing these classes and undertaking further studies with this teacher for another six years enabled me to fine tune my skills in healing, channelling, psychometry and psychic phenomena. This gave me the opportunity to teach these subjects to students in meditation and development classes.

Over the past twenty-eight years I have worked professionally in all areas of mediumship, which empowered me to manifest this book. Trusting my inner-self with guidance from above, I sat down and began to write.

The Golden Box Meditation was born and ‘REMEMBER EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE’ is now a reality.

Michelle M Wright